Tricks for Wordle of the Day to Keep Your Streak Going

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The popularity of social networks, entertainment programs, and online games have given people more options to eliminate boredom after stressful working hours or kill time in their leisure. People often tend to choose something fun, vibrant, or with eye-catching images and graphics. But surprisingly, the appearance of Wordle, a game that is simple in both gameplay and interface, has a strange charm, making people fall in love and spread it.

To find the target word, each player is given 6 attempts to guess. For each guessed word, color-coded hints are given. If you find the Wordle of the day answer in up to 6 guesses, you win.

The game has a statistics table that shows you how you found the hidden word on your guess as well as your current streak and max streak. A consecutive winning streak will be accumulated until you lose a certain wordle of the day.

Wordle players love to brag about their achievements on Twitter when their streak is impressive. However, there will be others who are not so lucky, they cannot find a word and lose their winning streak. That is seen by many as nothing that can be saved. But that is completely wrong because not only do you can play next and previous Wordle but you can also reset the game with some simple tricks and use word finder to win.

Read on to find the Wordle word of the day and keep your Wordle streak going.

Currently, you can only play Wordle online on a web browser, but cannot download the application to your device. But that's exactly why you can use this trick. We recommend the method of removing Wordle traces by clearing your browser history.


To clear browser history on iPhone, follow the steps below
Step - 1 Open Setting
Step - 2 Select Safari
Step - 3 Select 'Clear History and Website Data' and tap 'Clear' to confirm.


Follow the steps below to clear browser history on Android mobile devices
Step - 1 Open Google Chrome
Step - 2 Select 'History'
Step - 3 Select 'Clear browsing data' and select 'Clear data' after selecting the time range.

However, in some cases, the above method will not be applicable. You can then choose to factory reset or uninstall the third-party browser. Be aware that this may come with the deletion of existing data on your phone.

Hopefully, the above ways will partly help you to solve Wordle of the day easier and extend your winning streak in this interesting game. Then, you can completely show up your achievement on social media as a pride.

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