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People try to find 5 letter words to solve word games such as Scrabble, Wordle, or Words with Friends. The arrangement of letters to form words or find the Wordle of the day is sometimes a big challenge. Referring to the five-letter words gives you more chances to win these games.

Use Word Finder Tool to Find 5 Letter Words

One way to find 5 letter words quickly is to use the word finder. This is a tremendous help if you already have the letters but don't know how to unscramble them to discover the target word. Entering all letters into the search box, adding ‘5” into the option of LENGTH, and clicking ENTER, all valid words will be released. For Wordle players, taking advantage of advanced search options including START WITH, CONTAIN, and END IN will let you find the daily Wordle answers after having clues from the tiles of green and yellow. 

Using the tool in the right way allows you to get more points and keep your Wordle streak going

Most Common Letters Used in English

Knowing more common letters increases your chances of winning word games. Use them to create 5-letter words and see how they work. 

The letters are listed below by popularity

E - E is said to appear in more than 11% of words in the English dictionary

A - A ranked 2nd when more than 8% of the words in the English dictionary contain it

R - The consonant R occurs in more than 7.5% of English words

I - The letter I is almost as popular as R

O - O is another very common vowel used

Subsequent letters include T, N, S, L, and C

Those are the top 10 most-used letters in English.

Most Popular Five-Letter Words

OTHER is the most common 5 letter words. If you have gone through the above section, you can easily realize that 4 out of 5 of its letters belong to the list of most commonly used letters, they are E, O, R, and T.

WHICH is the next word. It contains H, C, and W which are letters that give you decent points in word games.

ABOUT is another common 5-letter word. It contains up to 3 vowels at once. This is a relatively good choice for you to start Wordle.

THEIR, this is the possessive adjective of THEY. Also, 4 out of 5 of its letters belong to the list of the most common letters.

In addition, words like THERE, EVERY, or MAYBE are also words worth referring to.

Five-letter Words for Wordle

Finding a five-letter word is the ultimate goal in Wordle. Therefore, having these words means that a part of the win is yours. Which Wordle word is the most optimal to use? You need to make smart choices on your first guesses to maximize your chances of winning. The trick is to use words that contain as many vowels as possible and of course words with 5 letters. RAISE, ADIEU, AUDIO, or ABOUT are typical examples. Once you have found some green or yellow tiles, you can completely think of Find a Word for a solution to find hidden words quickly.

Frequently-Asked Questions About 5 Letter Words

What are some good 5 letter words?

These aren't said to be the optimal choices for any word game, but they are favorites among players.












What is the best 5 letter word for Wordle?

Having good starts in Wordle makes your way to victory smooth. Let's start with the following words,






How many 5-letter words are in English?

There are almost 158,000 English words with five letters, according to the Free Dictionary. More than 8900 of these words are valid in Scrabble. Meanwhile, Wordle gamers have around 12900 valid words to play with. Wordle has utilized American English as the language of choice.


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